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Perfect fit!

Love the cut & pockets! Super flattering piece! Great for photoshoots!


Love this dress and color and it’s perfect fit! Wearing it post partum

Perfect Fit

I love the eyelet material and that it is not sheer - you are safe as long as you wear nude undergarments. The look is casual and the cut is very flattering. Great purchase!

Dear Stephanie, thanks for taking the time to leave your reviews! We're glad to hear that the pieces didn't disappoint you and we'll definitely be taking the points you love and putting them into future designs! Thank you (:
perfect fit

Good quality and comfortable material, size XS still perfectly fit at week 37 pregnancy.

Perfect fit!

Love the print and material!

Perfect fit

The cut is great, very good material. Love the colour.


Cutting is loose and very forgiving on my post pregnancy shape. I love that this dress has sleeves to hide those ‘bye bye’ arms!

Dear Vee, thanks for your feedback! So glad that you love this piece. It is one of our best-sellers and definitely for the reasons you stated. Thank you!
Perfect fit

I like that I did not have to iron this piece before wearing it. Saves me time. I love the print - good for both office and for casual wear.

Perfect Fit

Great versitile piece to have in the wardrobe. I love that there is a zip at the back so I don't have to button up and button down to wear the dress. I only need to unbutton when I need to nurse or pump.

Fits well

Very good and cooling material. I felt that the length can be slightly longer.

Perfectly fit me

The material is comfy and the cutting is nicely fit on me

Fits right

After 1 wash the dress shrunk and the lining was longer than the actual dress. It was better after steaming.

Dear Lynn, thanks for your feedback. Apologies for the shrinkage on this piece. Due to the natural fibres on this piece, some shrinkage occurred, which can be fixed through steaming and ironing. We'll take this point into consideration in our subsequent designs. Thank you!
Perfect Fit for UK10

Material is comfortable and soft to wear, and suitable for hot weather

Dear Hui, thanks for your feedback! As designers located in Singapore and designing for mothers and soon-to-be mothers, we definitely take the weather into consideration when we come up with designs (:
Perfect fit

The cut was just nice. The opening for pumping or nursing is just right as well. Love the colour too.


I was aiming for a loose fit and this is exactly what I was looking for. The belt gave me the choice to wear the dress loose or with a better fit. I like the material, suitable for work and also soft enough to feel dressy for outings. Nursing access works well.

Perfect Fit

Wish the hole for nursing would be larger for convenience, the hole for this top is unusually smaller, a bit tricky to navigate. Material is comfortable although a bit thick, but great top that doesn't look like a nursing top - hope for more colours/prints in future!

Dear Joy, thanks for taking the time to leave your reviews! We're really appreciative of the valuable and constructive feedback you've given, and will definitely take them into consideration through our material selection and design process. Thanks so much!
Slightly Loose

Beautiful colour! More pinkish than red/wine as shown in colours but great colour nonetheless. Comfortable material good for hot weather days. Cutting is large, would be good for maternity but rather shapeless if just for nursing. Go-to piece for casual days.

Perfect fit

Material is cooling and very stretchy. During pregnancy I wear xl now postpartum I try size L and it fits me perfectly!

Perfect fit!

Love the cutting, very flattering and comfortable.

Slightly loose

The colour is pretty and vibrant. Sash provided to tie at the waist so it looked better as it’s abit loose. The zip area is abit low cut for the chest area but it is alright. Love the length as well.

Fits perfectly

Material is soft, slightly stretchy and breathable, suitable for the warm SG weather! Flattering cut! Colour is slightly darker and duller than in the picture.

Slightly Loose

Love the material and the colour, the cutting and the accessibility for nursing! Love the top! It is easy to match and the length of the top allows me to bend and not be exposed either way :)

Dear Gabrielle, thanks for taking time to leave us a review! Glad that the top is of a suitable length and allows for easy nursing, which is our main consideration in our designs. Thank you again!
Slightly Loose

Bought this slightly loose for the little one hoping that the dress could last her longer so she can go twinning with mummy for a longer time! The material was comfy and the little one really loves the print too! Looking forward to more twinning outfit from Dear Collective!!

Perfect Fit

The material was super comfy and the length was just nice (not too long nor too short) to move around when handling my little toddler!

Perfect Fit

The material was super comfy & the thoughtfulness of sewing an extra clip at the chest area was perfect because all mummies with bigger boob will understand this unwanted ‘opening’!!