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slightly loose

Nice material. Very soft.
But not able to gauge the size for myself when i am a size S/M and pregnant.
Hence will have to keep the dress for later stage of pregnancy.

Hi dear, thanks for the feedback! If the item is too large, and you would like an exchange, we'll be happy to process it if the item is unwashed and unworn, in original condition. Just drop us an email if you'd like that. Thank you!
Perfect fit for me!

The material is just so luxe and comfy! It fits me so well and I can’t wait to wear it while nursing !

Thanks for the great feedback Wendy! Happy to hear that you love the piece (:
Slightly tight for my belly. For the other parts, they fit well.

Probably wouldn't suit those with big baby bump. I am around 28 weeks with twins. It's quite tight at my belly area. However, the design and quality of the dress is really good! Would hope to see this material in a wider waist size.

Hi Wei En, thanks for your review and for the constructive feedback on the waist sizing. We'll be sure to keep this in mind for future designs!

Love this jeggings and how it fits. So comfortable on the legs and the tummy. Would totally buy more colors, please bring in more :)))))

Perfect fit

One of my favourite piece! Doesn’t look like a nursing wear and the material is so comfy!

Very good fit and flattering

The dress is of good cutting and material is soft and nice, no need much ironing! I love how flattering it is on me. My girl loves her dress as well, she said it’s very pretty and comfortable. Only disadvantage is that I cannot babywear and breastfeed with this dress as the opening is at the side.

its very good fit

very good fit. good material. doesnt feel warm at all.

Perfect fit

Very comfortable and supporting bra, cant wait to try it out!

Slightly loose

This design is so pretty, can visualize myself wearing it even after giving birth.


Love this item so much! It is adjustable at the side, so you can adjust as you get bigger or even wear it post maternity.


Quality material, thoughtful zip front which I truly appreciate!

Slightly loose as I chose size L

The material of the dress is very soft and comfortable
Very suitable for humid weathers and easy to nurse my baby in it:)

It was the perfect fit

Love that it is very versatile and able to nurse well

Too big

Bought a size too big, but loving it and i am sure i will fit in soon.

Hi Shemona, thanks for the review. If the item is not washed yet, we'll be happy to process an exchange to a smaller size for you. Let us know via email if you'd like to proceed with an exchange. Thank you!
Fit perfectly

Very pretty design and wonderfully designed for pregnant women. Slightly sheer, lining should be thicker.

Slight loose

Pretty and comfortable piece. Side ribbons are cute and allows adjustments to accommodate growing bump. It's a dress that can be worn for a long time. Thumbs up!

Perfect fit

The material was comfy to wear and easy to care. No ironing needed, type of outfit to opt for when I have a toddler to take care when I’m also pregnant. Got compliments for the nice colour as well :)

Fit was also slightly loose but thinking of future pregnancies it would be a good size!

It is Super comfortable & very easy for breastfeeding! Love the colour too :)

Slightly loose so I should have gotten a Size smaller but still very comfortable!

Love the material :) felt it would be nice as a Long dress too because of the design :) felt that the dress makes one glow!

Slightly loose, button dropped

Pretty comfortable, though pants tend to slide down over time & I've to pull it up regularly. Unfortunately the button to secure the adjustable strap popped out on the second time it was worn. That's disappointing.

Dear Shi Shi, thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it and have noted on the loose button. We'll be taking the feedback and working with our suppliers to improve the quality - specifically, sewing on the button more securely in the future. Thank you.
Good fit! Still got space for growth!

Soft and good material!

Fit is just nice! Not too hugging.

Material is very good too!


Item quality is good and thick, length could be longer?

Great! Will be perfect after the bump disappears perhaps!

Love the quality lace!

Perfect fit

I always loved jumpsuits and was very excited to wear this piece after purchasing it. The material however is not what i imagines it to be. I find that it is a tad bit too thin which gives the certain bodycon effect at the wrong areas. Eventhough I wore seamless underwear, the VPL was still slightly visible (even in navy). Most likely because of the material that hugs you, it was inevitable.

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