About Us

(DEAR) – beloved, loved, precious in one’s regard, cherished. We're addressing the little one in your tummy as well as you, dear mum. Here at DEAR COLLECTIVE, a Singapore label, we celebrate and amplify the joys of being a mum, as she welcomes a newborn into the world.

Unlike passing phases, motherhood is a lifelong journey. DEAR COLLECTIVE sets to create a collection of transitional, functional, and stylish clothes from pregnancy to the early stages of feeding your little one. Even after your child's birth, these pieces can be effortlessly retained in your wardrobe. Truth be told, it's hard to even tell it's maternity wear. DEAR COLLECTIVE prides on curating threads that are flattering, coupled with quality fabrics. It’s all about addressing the modern mum's needs, and dressing the most important person in this journey — you.