Styling tips for dressing your bump!

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Posted on July 31 2020

Styling a growing baby bump is definitely not an easy task! You constantly have to get used to all the changes and this would require you to be familiar with dressing your new shape. And yes, we understand that investing in maternity clothes can be pretty expensive, especially considering the other costs you have to deal with while having a baby on the way.

However, with all these in mind, dressing your growing bump doesn’t have to be all that stressful! We’ve brought together our favourite tips and tricks for you to stay fashionable during your pregnancy!


#1: Stretchy Dresses

The number one must-have for mommies-to-be; Stretchable Dresses! A simple snug and breathable dress is especially flattering on pregnant moms. The breathable fabric prevents you from falling into feeling sweaty and over-heated while the stretchy-ness shows off your baby bump, making you look chic and put together. It’s a win-win situation for all pregnant mommies out there!


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#2: Accentuate your waist!

Maternity dresses don’t always have to be loose and baggy. Give definition to your baby bump by adding a belt or a sash above your waist! A sash pretty much plays the role of a belt except its less bulky and a little more sweet. You could do this while wearing your favourite flowy shift dresses to create an hourglass figure without feeling uncomfortable.


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#3: Shop sale items to stay on a budget

With your baby on the way, you would definitely have more expenses to cover and investing on an entirely new wardrobe may not sound like the most practical thing for you. One great way to buy maternity clothes without breaking the bank would be scouting the sale sections! You can subscribe to your favourite online brands to be updated on their sales and promotions. Don’t be afraid to shop past season outfits too! You can always jazz it up with accessories to create a more stylish look.

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#4: Don’t be afraid to rock prints and patterns!

Some claim that pregnant mommies should stay away from patterns and prints to avoid looking heavy. But we disagree! Printed dresses are in trend right now. From subtle prints to abstract patterns, these dresses are a becoming staples in everyone’s wardrobe. If you’re worried about looking “too much”, you can opt for earthy patterns for a toned down look.

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#5: Comfortable and Confident

The most important styling tip is to feel good in whatever you’re wearing. Regardless of whatever fashion rule may be in place now, your priority is to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing and be confident while wearing them. So long as you feel beautiful and empowered, you’ll look beautiful and empowered.

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