Printable Hospital Bag Checklist (Singapore Edition)

Written by Dear Collective


Posted on March 18 2021

9 month of preparation and D-day is approaching! In this last lap, we hope to get you ready for the most important day of your pregnancy - delivery day! And to do so, we've provided a printable checklist for your hospital bag. Get the pdf version here.

Here's a lowdown on the details:

1. Documents

  • Doctor's Admission Letter
  • Identity Card (for locals)/ Passport (for foreigners)
  • Original Marriage Certificate to register the baby's birth at the hospital
  • Letter of Guarantee (LOG) from your company/ insurance company, if applicable. An LOG could reduce the out-of-pocket expense during your stay depending on the T&Cs of your policy as stated in the LOG. 
  • Relevant health records & current medication list
  • Prenatal Receipts. To claim pre-delivery charges from Medisave, parents need to present the bills incurred for pre-delivery medical care to the hospital where baby was delivered. The hospital will submit these bills, together with the delivery expenses, for Medisave claims under the Medisave Maternity Package.

2. Toiletries

  • Packet of sanitary pads* - those suited for post-partum (maternity pads) are longer, softer, and much more absorbent.
  • Skincare, dental kit* & makeup
  • Perineal Spray
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Deodorant/Body wipes*
  • Contact lenses/glasses
  • Hair brush
  • Towel

3. Mom's Clothes

4. Baby's Gear

5. Breastfeeding Gear

  • Breast Pump - bring your personal breast pump and get the lactation consultant to teach you to use it at the hospital!
  • Nursing Cover
  • Lactation Cookies/Tea
  • Breast pads*
  • Nipple shield
  • Nipple cream/butter or Silverette cups

6. Others

  • Bags for soiled clothes
  • Mobile phone, Laptop & charger
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Pillow, light sleeping bag, and 3 clothing sets for partner

Complimentary Products
Some hospitals provide a complimentary delivery gift bag which may provide some of these products. The more common ones provided have been marked out with an asterisk (*). However, it would be best to check with the hospital you're delivering at to be sure.



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