A Mother of 2 Shares Her Journey With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

Written by Dear Collective


Posted on May 09 2021

When Vanessa was diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) for both pregnancies, she took preventive actions to ensure it did not affect her children's health. This Mother's Day, we celebrate her and all you resilient mamas out there!

Together with the Health Promotion Board, we bring to you this sharing from Vanessa on her journey managing gestational diabetes and how it affected her perspectives on motherhood. 

Vanessa shares that when she was diagnosed with GDM and the doctor shared the possible effects on her health and that of her baby, it dawned on her "I wasn't just doing things for myself anymore. This is it, I am now a mother." In light of her diagnosis, she feels it is important to go for screenings more regularly which will enable her to take charge of her health situation, and actively take preventive measures.

"The first great thing we can do as mothers is to look after our health for our children."

Find out more about our national health screening programme here: https://go.gov.sg/dear-hpb

Treating GDM boils down to controlling your blood glucose levels. This can be done by eating well, exercising and if prescribed, taking insulin. Not every woman with GDM needs insulin. Some practical steps with regards to diet are:

1. Swap out white rice for brown rice.

2. Take more vegetables and low sugar fruits like apples, oranges, bananas.

3. Avoid sauces.

4. Keep meals small, and spilt them into intervals.

5. Cut out sweet drinks like bubble tea, juices and soft drinks. But remember to keep hydrated with plain water!


Vanessa is dressed in Trieu Eyelet Nursing Top and Alexis Maternity Jeggings



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