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Posted on June 23 2019



Credits: IG @kampungboycitygal

"I live in dresses through much of my pregnancy... Dear Collective, a Singapore maternity wear online store that offers them at a very reasonable pricing."

- Wei Zhi at
My 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves, 2018


Credits: IG @sherlynchanwp

"Thank you for dressing my bump, @dearcollective. I’m confident that I’ll be able to wear this even in my third trimester."

- Sherlyn on her instagram account, 2019


Credits: IG @zoeraymondtan

"Wore @Dearcollective's bodycon piece which was really comfortable for nursing & if you are pregnant too!" & "Wearing this pretty (dress) from @dearcollective; the nursing access is via side zips. You can‘t tell it’s a nursing dress if I didn’t tell you so I say get this if you love the prints like I do!"

- Zoe on her instagram account, 2018 & 2019


Credits: IG @sugar73

- Elaine at

Credits: IG @sgbudgetbabe

"I love their designs and prints which have pretty good mileage esp if you get the ones that are convertible from maternity to nursing! Also very suitable for office ladies who need to meet clients - their dresses are the only ones I can wear for my third trimester bump!"

Dawn at
Pregnant? Here's how much money you may need to prepare from pregnancy to delivery and your baby's first year, 2018



Credits: IG @reginachow_sg

"Designs are chic yet comfortable for nursing mummies and mummies-to-be. What is even more impressive is that you can hardly spot the nursing access for most pieces as they are cleverly hidden. Noone can tell you’re wearing nursing wear. Now, that is mum wear redefined."

- Regina Chow at
Nursing Wear by Dear Collective, 2018


Credits: IG @familystaysg

"Super lightweight and airy! Getting it back was the best decision I made, as it felt cool even on a hot day out with my boys!" & "Lift up nursing access provides steamless convenience when I need to feed the baby wherever I was – in the cab or outdoor."

- Ruby Liang at
Dear Collective – Every Nursing Mums Go-To Stylish Maternity Wear!, 2018


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"Be sure to check out their Dual Function section, which houses pieces from their collection that work as maternity and nursing wear! There’s no need to set aside the time and budget to curate a whole new wardrobe."

- Christy at
10 Maternity Wear Brands to Help You Get Your Style On, 2018

"This Singapore label is defined by clean lines, trendy clothes, timeless fashion. They carry maternity and nursing wear that you’ll want as regular clothes long after you’re no longer pregnant."

- Moneysmart at
Maternity Wear Singapore: Where To Get Affordable Maternity & Nursing Tops and Dresses, 2019

 "Modern, functional maternity wear is what you'll find at Dear Collective. Plus they've also stocked a mini me collection for your little one. For those looking for maternity and nursing wear that are understated, but yet still spells out trendy, Dear Collective will definitely leave you spoilt for choice."

- Little Step Asia at
Top Fashion Picks For Maternity & Nursing Wear!, 2019

 "Nursing dresses are trendy enough that you can go from a casual meetup with a friend to an afternoon meeting with your colleagues. Most of the pieces have dual functions, too—nursing and maternity—making them a good investment for your money."

- Singapore's Child at
Where To Shop For Stylish Maternity And Nursing Clothes, 2019

 "Drab colours, frumpy styles and tent-like dresses are a thing of the past. Here’s what to do and where to shop for something every mother-to-be deserves."

- Lorraine Robert at
Maternity clothes can be fashionable: Shopping and style tips for pregnant women, 2020

"Its stylish collection is both functional and fashionable – and obviously perfectly suited to the climate here. We love that pieces can be worn in the full bloom of pregnancy and then beyond, with many pieces offering nursing access."

- Amy Potter at
Pregnant? Here’s where to buy maternity clothes in Singapore, 2021



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